Adult Search in Your City

Adult Search in Your City is a website that connects men with escorts. At its bare roots, this service is like an Uber for the horny.

These girls blatantly advertise their services in their ads. They also post pictures that look too good to be true.

Whether you want fucking or domination, there’s something here for you. There are even escorts for erotic massage.


Adult Search is the best online dating site for escorts and the only free escort service of its kind. It allows escorts to post their ads and has numerous categories including female, TS, body rubs, massage parlors and even sex shops. This adult classifieds website covers a lot of ground and most cities, states and even some suburban areas are included in the listings.

It is easy to use, has refined search options and no recurring fees. You can find escorts from all around the world and even local strip clubs, erotic sex shops and massage parlors are listed.

This website isn’t without its drawbacks though. It is difficult to verify the identity of an escort and there are people who will lie about their age, which could put you in legal trouble. That is why AdultSearch requires users to upload proof of age and a photo of their face, which should help prevent underage hookups.

Refined Search

In a time when escort services have been used to take advantage of horny men, AdultSearch has stepped up to play the game fair. Instead of asking you to pay for certain search options or forcing you to use a swiping system that doesn’t necessarily give you the best results, this service has a wide selection of girls in every city.

It also does its best to avoid promoting the sex trafficking epidemic by asking members to upload both their ID and credit card as well as a video in which they clearly state their age. This way, if you do wind up with someone underage you have video evidence that they falsified their age to get your money.

In addition, this site isn’t a big fan of ads and only uses semantic technology to find the most relevant searches for your needs. Plus, its servers are located in Switzerland which has some of the strongest privacy laws in the world.

Wide Range of Escorts

Adult Search is unlike any other site on the internet because it actually lists a number of different kinky services within your city. This includes things like erotic massage parlors, sex shops, and even strip clubs. In addition, the site often pops up links to third-party websites, such as cam and porn sites. Many of these sites are a bit questionable in terms of legality and safety, but most of them still have good looking women.

As for escorts, the site features pictures of a wide variety of different girls who are willing to fulfill your sexual fantasies. These women all have comprehensive ads that detail their rates as well as a description of the type of experience they are offering. You can also narrow your search down to specific body types and even eye color. Additionally, the site is home to a number of nudists, though I didn’t stumble upon any when I did my research.


The site offers a number of options for people who enjoy being nude and want to meet others like them. In addition to a slew of contacting features, it also has forums and blogs where members can interact. The content here covers everything from first-date ideas to tips for surviving life in the nude world.

The site claims to be a safe community for its users. The site is monitored by moderators and does not tolerate any sexually explicit photos or malicious activities. In fact, the site has even instituted strict security protocols to prevent any potential scammers and users with ill intent from using the website. This is one of the few adult dating sites that takes the safety of its members seriously. This is a feature that makes it stand out from other similar dating sites.