Adult Search – Find an Escort in Your City

Adult Search in Your City

AdultSearch is the place to go if you’re looking for escort services. The site is easy to navigate and has a lot of options for different types of services.

Similar to Craigslist and Bedpage this bulletin board has a wide range of female, male, and transgender escorts in most cities, states, and countries.

It’s Free

Escorts are used for many reasons, from companionship to fetishism and domination. Most guys hire escorts for some sort of sex, but some also want classy babes to accompany them to dinner or work meetings. Adultsearch is a great place to find escorts for these situations and it’s free for everyone to use. The site has a minimalistic design and doesn’t clutter it up with tons of different sections or tools. This makes it easy to navigate and find what you need.

If you are familiar with Craigslist, or the old-school Backpage site, then you will feel right at home on AdultSearch. The homepage is simple and has a blue header that hosts American cities, along with the biggest cities in Europe and Canada. The rest of the page is devoted to ads, with a few “Feedback”, “FAQ”, and “Login” tabs. It may look a little dated, but it gets the job done. The simplicity is a huge selling point.

It’s Easy

If you’ve ever used a bulletin board site like Craigslist or even its hornier cousin Bedpage, then AdultSearch will feel very familiar. You can find ads for escorts in your local area or in large cities all over the world.

The website is also easy to use. It doesn’t have a fancy interface and looks kind of austere, but that’s okay because it gets the job done. There are tabs for Post Ad, Feedback, FAQ, and Login on the homepage, plus a search bar.

If you are traveling to a strange city and want to make sure that you have access to escorts, then AdultSearch is definitely the place to go. They list all of the escort services in the areas that they cover. They have a lot of information for you to browse through, including pictures and rates. They have a lot to offer, so you’re bound to find something that is perfect for your needs.

It’s Legal

No escort or sex worker wants to get arrested, especially not after they’ve done their job well. This is why bedpage is committed to protecting its customers and releasing only information to police when it’s believed that illegal sex trafficking or human slavery may be occurring, or that minors have been victimized in any way.

Adult Search is also very straightforward in the way it displays its information. Every city is listed right on the homepage making it easy for you to find escorts in your area. In addition to escorts, you’ll also be able to find bath houses, swingers clubs, massage parlors and even kinky shops.

While the website does look a little drab and outdated, it’s important to note that AdultSearch prioritizes functionality over appearance. This approach makes the site extremely easy to navigate and loads very quickly. In addition, it does not feature ads or clutter that would distract users from finding the information they need.

It’s a Great Place to Find Escorts

Adult Search is an excellent resource for anyone who needs to find a good escort in their city. It is free to use and allows you to sort through your physical preferences and connect with a girl who will match them. The site also features links to websites for TS escorts, sugar babies, and even NSA sex sites (although they aren’t clearly part of the Adult Search umbrella).

AdultSearch gets right to the point with their website and doesn’t worry about how it looks to plebes like us. It is simplistic and hasn’t had a facelift in years but it works perfectly well.

They list every city in the country on their homepage making it easy to find an escort in your area. There are lots of escorts available in most cities, though some smaller towns might have less options. This isn’t a problem, however, because the website offers plenty of pop-ups to other adult sites to compensate for this.